About Chiapas

Chiapas is the southernmost state in Mexico. It is a land of natural beauty, abundance, and cultural contrast. It is home to a large indigenous Mayan population as well as a Spanish-speaking majority. San Cristóbal is the cultural center of Chiapas with a diverse mixture of residents with local, national and international origins.

Many of Chiapas’ rural villages lack basic infrastructure such as schools, health care, potable water, and sanitation. Faced with religious and political conflict as well as deprivation of basic needs, many choose to migrate to the cities. However, even in cities a large number of people remain cut off from the dominant economic, social, and political infrastructure because they lack formal education and the crucial ability to speak, read, or write Spanish.

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Despite these challenges, Chiapas is home to several world class universities that CoService partners with. These include

Additionally there are thousands of non-governmental organizations that work in Chiapas in all areas of human interest.  The relationships CoService maintains with Chiapas’ universities and local organizations provides the opportunity for valuable and unique pairings of students and placements for service and volunteering.

I feel very flattered by the opportunity to join the struggle against the marginalization of our communities in Chiapas. I hope to keep doing this forever, since the struggle never ends.”  Marcela Cinta

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