About CoService

Co-Service maximizes the potential for collaborative community service by partnering foreign volunteers with Mexican students.


By federal mandate, all Mexican university students are required to give 480 hours of service to an organization in their field of study. CoService has relationships with local universities that welcome the opportunity to partner foreign volunteers with students during their service requirement. Many local students are eager to collaborate on projects that reflect specialized interests of both parties and offer a unique opportunity for  academic and professional interchanges.

Special Considerations 

While we strive to match each international CoService participant with a Mexican student, this might not always be possible or appropriate, so some experiences may not include a Mexican student partner, but will always include some partner or mentor.

Our goal is to facilitate transformational learning experiences, so we are happy to work with each individual to structure a personal package that matches needs and expectations as closely as possible, including classes and other groups.

Transformational Learning

We believe that the transformational quality of experience leads to the most enduring and powerful creation of knowledge. The CoService participants each have the opportunity to articulate their learning and experiential objectives and engage in periodic analysis and reflection throughout their process and upon completion.

Though this process can be academically based or co-curricular, we also ask non-student participants to articulate their learning goals and objectives and engage in analysis and reflection as part of their participation.

Our Goal is for every CoService experience to:

  • Connect work/project objectives with expressed community need
  • Provide an opportunity for cross-cultural relationship, language and cultural training
  • Raise consciousness regarding the inequitable paradigms, systems and structures within society (North/South divide, gender issues, power and privilege, etc).

Transformational learning experiences  require a complex interweaving of communication among international volunteers, universities and organizations, which is why we chose the Mayan glyph for woven mats (petate) as our logo


CoService is a collaborative effort between Instituto Jovel and Natik

Instituto Jovel offers language classes, home-stays, cultural workshops, excursions and volunteer opportunities in San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas.

Natik collaborates with grassroots organizations in Chiapas, Mexico and Santiago Atitlán, Guatemala on educational and economic empowerment projects.

For more information contact us at ChiapasCoService@gmail.com