Service and Volunteer Opportunities

“During our two-week stay in San Cristóbal, I learned that community development involves truly knowing the community, and that involves simply sitting, chatting, engaging with community members to get to know them, to understand their lives and their opinions, and to then ask them, have them decide what development means to them, and in which ways a group of students like us could best contribute to their livelihoods and community.”  Sarah Grossman

We will work with you to find the best match for your skills and interests. Below are examples of service learning and volunteer projects.

Teach English at a public school alongside a local teacher.

Work at an orchid garden to safeguard a sampling of the vast and varied essence of Chiapas’ living natural wonders and maintain an area where people visit and share in the beauty.

building 2

Chiapas is abound with opportunities for further service learning and cultural immersion. Let us know if you would be interested in any of the following after your initial service program.

  • EcoSustainability Projects in Agriculture, Forestry and Technological Sustainability with Tsomanotik just outside Comitan in the village of Tzimol. This community-based organization is committed to educating the next generation. Each student is expected to participate in 30 hours of service per week from Monday through Friday. Cost for the Tsomanotik portion of the program is $100 USD a week, which covers room, board, and all costs associated with participation in workshops.
  • El ARCA educational program. Share in the continuing process of investigation and experimentation for practical applications of sustainable agriculture and agricultural value-added technology for the area. Students live in comfortable but rustic accommodations while learning and working on the various organic and sustainable projects of this vibrant program. Accommodation cost for El Arca is $50 USD a week, which covers sleeping arrangements and full use of the kitchen for preparing meals.
  • Work in indigenous communities outside of San Cristóbal – learn how to make tortillas from scratch, plant and harvest crops, weave on a back-strap loom, make a hammock, set up mushroom production, construct a greenhouse, build low-smoke stoves and dry latrines, participate in community reforestation campaigns.

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“In the green corner of Palenque, I found people who changed my life. I discovered my personality, my soul, while enjoying the sounds of the jungle, the taste of fresh lemon grass tea […], tarantula in my hammock, the rains of January and the heat of March, howling monkeys, hot sauce…”  Bruno Proulx

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