Transportation:  The nearest airport is in Tuxtla Gutierrez, about an hour and a half from San Cristóbal. Contact us if you need help making arrangements or would like to be picked up.  The cost for airport pick up is US $60.

Housing:  For two weeks we offer “shared housing”: a private room in a house with a shared bathroom and use of the kitchen for making your own meals. Some homes are simple households, others are more middle class (with internet).  Let us know your preferences. The cost of shared housing is US $60 per week for the room only, with a two week limit. A longer stay may be negotiated in some cases. Note: this price does not include the cost of food. Eating with the family would be an additional expense.

An alternative to shared housing is staying at one of the many local posadas, a hostel type arrangement with with kitchen facilities. This option does not have the two week stay limit that shared housing does. We can provide a list of suggested posadas and assist you in making your reservation arrangements.

Pre-Arrival Information Packet:  2-4 weeks prior to arrival, you will receive:

  • Trip packing suggestions
  • Emergency contact information to be shared with family and friends
  • Names, addresses and phone numbers of local doctors, dentists, hospitals, and the nearest embassy of your home country
  • Introductory cultural explanation of local realities to help avoid some of the common problems that international travelers experience in Chiapas
  • General historic and political background information to understand the context of the work you will be doing

Orientation:  Upon arrival you will participate in orientation sessions that include:

  • Follow-up explanation of local cultural realities (described in the pre-arrival information packet) to reinforce the importance of cultural awareness and sensitivity while visiting Chiapas
  • General historic and political orientation to compliment the pre-arrival information packet, reinforcing the importance of understanding the context of the work you will be doing (with a local professional, in English)
  • Physical orientation to your site and the surrounding area
  • Refinement of your CoService Goals